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LC Tech will provide you with all your Data needs. From Consulting services to Design and Implementation, to Maintenance and Support. To do this, we believe we must learn about your company before we can arrive with the best solution for you. Extensive analysis will be run to find out how we can improve upon your current systems and location. Our Networking Engineers will work with you every step of the way. LC Tech offers a complete line of networking services to meet the needs. And will complete all sizes of projects on time and within budget.

LC Tech Solutions specializes all kinds of networks such as: LANs & WANs, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Intranet, and Internet. LC Tech Solutions engineers will work closely with your architects, builders, and contractors. All design work will follow national and local codes and standards such as: NEC, NESC, TIA, EIA, and ANSI.

Some services we offer are:

· Project Management
· Cable Plant Design / Implementation
· Voice, Data, and Fiber Network Installation
· Wireless and Wiring for Wireless (Access Points)
· New Construction / Remodels
· High Speed Internet Connections
· Hardware & Software Integration
· Microsoft®, Novell® and Linux Networks
· Local and Wide Area Networking
· Internet and Network Security
· Thin Client/Remote Access Solutions
· Messaging (e-mail) and Collaboration
· Intranet and extranet website solutions
· Database design and administration
· Firewall and proxy server solutions
· Data storage and backup solutions
· Wireless Networking Solutions
· Video Confrencing
· Intrusion Detection
· Antivirus Solutions
· Antispam Solutions
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