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Imagine leaving your home or office to take a vacation. How will you know what is going on while you're away? Will they be secure? What about when you leave your home each day to go to work, is everyone safe and secure? Do you have any way of knowing? Even with a basic visual security setup, how do you see what is going on, especially currently, when your cameras are 10,000 or even 10 miles away? While standard security systems can provide great protection, if you cannot be nearby the monitor connected to the camera you'll need a system which can adjust to those needs.

With our reliable protection for homeowners and businesses LC Tech Solutions provides peace of mind by offering the most possible options to satisfy the owner.

Video Systems: CCTV and Wireless/Mobile DVR

Our state of the art video surveillance equipment protects your home or business 24/7 365 days a year. Today's closed circuit television (CCTV) system are high-resolution and comprised of sophisticated components that can be fully integrated into almost any access control system. The cameras themselves can be programmed to respond to various commands such as pan, tilt and zoom and web-based IP addressable cameras can even be viewed and controlled remotely.

Our DVR technology delivers real-time recording with sharp, color-accurate images for effective surveillance. It offers easy system integration. Provides reliable long-term performance and can be tailored to meet almost any surveillance need such as banks, supermarkets, retail stores or industrial venues. Our systems are loaded with features that make them easy-to-use.

Wireless Video Communications provides a reliable and efficient way to protect lives, property and assets in ways that until recently considered impractical. This technology relieves the costs associated with running wires over long distances or through difficult terrain. We offer a wide selection of systems from single camera units capable of capturing images spanning a few feet to multi-camera systems capable of covering large industrial parks.
____ Here are examples of our Mobile DVR.

Access Control Systems

An access control system is an inter-connected group of components that work together to effectively regulate and monitor building access. The system usually consists of a reader that matches information processed by our computer software to a set criteria stored on a database. The criteria could be an alphanumeric code and/or a biometric reading such as a fingerprint or an iris scan. Access control systems can be integrated with closed circuit television systems and other building maintenance systems. They can control multiple buildings adjacent to each other or in completely different geographical areas.

LC Tech installs all types of security and access control systems including: fingerprint readers, key scans, barcodes and swipe cards systems.
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Alarm Systems

The alarm system is just as important as a good CCTV. Therefore LC Tech's professional technicians will show you the best solution for you and your home or business needs utilizing the very latest technology: wired or wireless solutions with panic buttons, receivers, motion detectors, and door contacts.

We work on a daily basis with all the largest brand names and manufactures such as Pelco, Kalatel, Sony, Tokina, GE Interlogix, X10, JVC, Samsung, Adamco, Videolarm, and Dedicated Micros to make sure you get the best of everything.

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